Emergency Leash Plus

$5.99 every 6 months



Multi-User Connect – Invite up to 10 different users to help take care of your pets.
Pet Alert Cooldown – Broadcast an emergency only “Amber Alert” within 10 miles. Includes participating shelters who signed up for the alert system.
Multiple Addresses – Manage several addresses with the option to switch effortlessly.
Lost Pet Flyers – Generate PDF and Image files.
Medical information – Easily upload medical documents (PDF format only), and manage them by organizing, renaming, and sharing with others. Up to 10 PDF documents for print.
Organize by categories: General, Vaccination, Healthcare.
Tag Replacements – Easy to order replacement through the app max replacement 6.
Text SMS Alerts (US ONLY) – Text notification after a tag scan.
Email Alerts – Notify after a tag scan. Free user, only App’s PUSH notifications.
Media Gallery – Upload up to 15 pictures free.
Emergency Contacts – Other people’s contact info.
Location Pin – Precise GPS location pin sent via email of last pet scan. GPS is pulled from your phone.
Caretaker/Holiday Mode – Set a start time and date to automatically change contact info and an end time and date to revert back to normal.